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Originally from Queens, New York, but raised in St. Petersburg, Florida, Amaris Star is a new and upcoming Hip Hop and R&B artist. She’s an established dancer/choreographer that now resides in Orlando, Florida. Focusing on saturating the music industry with that feel good 90’s groove, while keeping it current, with crazy production and catchy hooks, Amaris Star is ready to take over the airwaves. She’s a FRESH talent with a unique style and tone. Not only does she rap but she sings as well. With a Jamaican background Amaris Star also incorporates Reggae into her music. Recognizing the importance of being versatile and catering to a wide variety of listeners, Ms. Star strives to make her music fun and relevant for all walks of life. She realized that music and dance was in her mind, body, and soul. Her goal is to bring positive vibes to the forefront of the music industry. Amaris Star believes that being an artist allows her the ability to have creative freedom, while still being her authentic self.​

Amaris Star has been choreographing high energy Hip Hop and Dance Hall routines for almost a decade which has earned her national recognition. In college, Ms. Star joined RUKUS, a Hip Hop dance team at The University of Central Florida. With a love for Hip-Hop and R&B, Amaris Star became the Artistic Director and lead choreographer for RUKUS, leading her directly into much success. You can find RUKUS featured on BET’s “Wild out Wednesday”, BET’s “Spring Bling Revamped Champions 2006-2007”, and various opening acts for artists such as T.I., Fabolous, Ciara, and Mr. Vegas just to name a few.​

In her last semester at UCF, Ms. Star was diagnosed with Desmoid Tumors. Of course this came as a shock to everyone, but this was no surprise to God. As she prepared for graduation, the thought of heading to Tennessee for a procedure was the last thing she could ever imagine; but it was time. During the procedure, she stayed awake while the doctor played praise & worship music. When he went in to remove the tumor, he found two more, making it a total of three tumors to be removed. Each was located between her abdomen, rib cage, and lower chest area.

When she returned back to Orlando, life for Ms. Star would never be the same. She had to step away from pursuing her passion to allow her body to heal. She knew this would be a difficult time, but never thought everything she knew and loved would become foreign to her. During this time, she became very depressed and bitter. She spent many nights wrestling with her thoughts while trying to understand why God would allow her to experience such physical and emotional pain.

After sometime, Ms. Star began seeing small glimpses of herself again. She realized that she had put her hope and trust in people instead of fully relying on God. Amaris Star knew going forward she no longer needed to look for others for validation or happiness. She owes her recovery fully to God, her loving family, and close friends who constantly prayed on her behalf. Since then she has been the confident, loving, and gifted woman God has created her to be.

With beauty, talent, drive, and intelligence on her side; while always remembering to keep God first, Amaris Star has it all. Even though dance was her first love, music has come in and completely captured her heart. With a contagious smile and sexy style, no doubt dreams will come true for Amaris Star!

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Hip Hop, R&B, and Reggae. Bringing back that 90’s feel good music, but keeping it current with crazy production and catchy hooks. Amaris Star’s sound is a classic blend comparable to Missy Elliot, Aaliyah, and Lauryn Hill. She is ready to take over the airwaves and bring a different yet refreshing vibe to Hip Hop and R&B.
With rapping, singing, songwriting, and choreography under her belt, Ms. Star is sure to draw any audience in with her vibrant tunes and innovative moves. She is a FRESH talent looking to bring positive vibes to the forefront of the music industry.Go support ​​Amaris Star’s “Ballin With the King” on iTunes or Google Play today  and take a look at the following links to get a feel for this new young diva ready to explode on the scene!


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